Wood Restoration Advance (A-WRA102)
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Wood Restoration Advance (A-WRA102)
**THIS CLASS IS INCLUDED WITH THE 59.99/month SUBSCRIPTION PLAN** This course is the most in depth course on exterior wood restoration and related topics in the industry. By completing the modules in this course you will head down a path to...
Wood Restoration Advance (NADRA version) (NADRA-A)
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Wood Restoration Advance (NADRA version) (NADRA-A)
This course will cover the advanced information of exterior wood restoration including Species of Wood, Equipment, Chemicals, The Process, Staining/Sealing, and business aspects like Estimating and Developing a Price List for this service. This...
Wood Restoration Basic (NADRA Version) (NADRA-B)
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Wood Restoration Basic (NADRA Version) (NADRA-B)
**THIS CLASS IS FOR THOSE WHO SIGNED UP THROUGH NADRA**. This course will cover the basics of exterior wood restoration including Equipment, Chemicals, The Process and Staining/Sealing. This class is perfect for those just starting out, people...

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