Wood Restoration Advance (A-WRA101)


This course will cover the advanced information of exterior wood restoration including
Species of Wood, Equipment, Chemicals, The Process, Staining/Sealing, and business
aspects like Estimating and Developing a Price List for this service. This class is perfect
for those just starting out, people with some experience and want to learn better
methods, and business aspects of a company that offers exterior wood restoration as a service. This course will add revenue to your top line and keep you in front of your customer with continued revenue. It also gives you an opening to a new deck build or rebuild for your customer. Many of these customers will need a new deck and you will have the inside track offering this service. After completion of this course, the "Wizard of Wood" and staff will offer you support as you gain experience and confidence. We will also send
you a hard copy of the manual, though you can also print it from the platform in each module. In summary, this course is for those starting out in Exterior Wood Care and Restoration. This course takes approximately 20-24 hours to complete.

  • Intro
  • Intro-Before We Get Started
  • Intro-Powerpoint
  • Intro-Video
  • Wood Species
  • Powerpoint-Species of Wood
  • Manual-Species of Wood: Soft Woods
  • Manual-Species of Wood: Hard Woods
  • Video-Species of Wood:Softwoods
  • Video-Species of Wood:Hardwoods
  • Video-Composite Decking
  • Equipment & Supplies (Prep)
  • Powerpoint-Equipment & Supplies (Prep)
  • Manual-Equipment & Supplies Prep
  • Manual-Equipment Maintenance
  • Video-Equipment & Supplies Prep:1
  • Video-Equipment & Supplies Prep:2
  • Chemicals
  • Powerpoint-Chemicals
  • Manual-Chemicals
  • Video-Cleaner Hints
  • Video-Chemicals Part 1
  • Video-Chemicals Part 2
  • Identifying Issues/Troubleshooting
  • Powerpoint-Identifying Issues/Troubleshooting
  • Manual-Identifying Issues/Troubleshooting
  • Start of The Process
  • Powerpoint-Start of Process
  • Manual-Start of the Process
  • Video-The Process
  • Equipment & Supplies (Applying)
  • Powerpoint-Equipment & Supplies (Applying)
  • Manual-Equipment & Supplies (Applying)
  • Video-Equipment & Supplies (Applying)
  • Before We Apply
  • Powerpoint-Before We Apply
  • Types of Coatings
  • Powerpoint-Types of Coating
  • Manual-Types of Coatings
  • Applying The Coating
  • Powerpoint-Applying the Coating
  • Manual-Applying the Coating
  • Video-Applying the Coating
  • Safety
  • Manual-Safety
  • Video-Safety
  • Pricing/Creating a Price List
  • Powerpoint-Pricing/Creating a Price List
  • Manual-Pricing/Creating a Price List
  • Video-Pricing/Creating a Price List
  • Estimating
  • Powerpoint-Estimating
  • Manual-Estimating
  • Video-Estimating
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Powerpoint-Marketing & Branding
  • Manual-Marketing & Branding
  • Video-Marketing & Branding
  • Test
  • Wood Restoration Test
  • Bonus Module: Advanced Wood Restoration
  • Advanced Wood Restoration: Log Cabins
  • Advanced Wood Restoration: Cedar Shakes
  • Advanced Wood Restoration: Teak Furniture
  • Advanced Wood Restoration: Repairs
  • Advanced Wood Restoration: Exterior Doors
  • Advanced Wood Restoration: Wood Sided Homes
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever